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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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Newest Deviations it is, this is my gallery of stuff.

Anywho...plz take your time to look, and enjoy! ^^

oh and another note...most of my recent art isn't scanned cause my computer like...died. T.T
So when my computer gets fixed, I will scan them for a better copy.

Random Favourites

If you get to the last page, I'll give you five bucks.
Just kidding.
But if any of you do.....
this is like a fic readers tag. thought it was interesting.

  1. What fandom(s) do you read? ummmm i read alot of marvel universe (esp captain america), sometimes once upon a time, sometimes frerard fics, harry potter, among others 
  2. If you could request more of a certain type of fic, which would it be? cute fluffy one probably
  3. What is your favorite all-time fic? ummm okay it's this one called sing me to sleep, it's a frerard one 
  4. Do you ever re-read fics? How about triple-read? all the time 
  5. Do you prefer angst or fluff? fluff, definitley 
  6. Do you prefer long fics or short fics? both are nice
  7. Name some incomplete fics that you wish were completed. literally have no idea
  8. Talk about the ships that you read. i sometimes like reading dramione fics even though that's actually like the worst couple ever hahaha but it's like kinda cute like if hermione tries to help fix draco. frerard because i can't let things go XD haha it's interesting to read though, it will never be real so it's fine. I like reading stucky fics too because come on, steve and bucky are super cute (however I also like reading reader inserts with bucky because i love him ugh) and I also like jefferson/mad hatter and emma swan even though i know it's going to not happen in the show lol 
  9. Do you read smut? yeah, sometimes
  10. What’s the most hard-core smut or kinky fic you’ve ever read (be honest)! probably one that was like all sex with bucky barnes in it but i can't remember what it's called
  11. Do you read AUs? yeah, sometimes
  12. List a few of your favorite AUs. ummmmmmmm i like high school aus 
  13. What type of AUs are your favorites? Give a general description. like high school aus are pretty straight-forward 
  14. What makes you give up on reading a fic? stupid plot, bad grammar
  15. What makes you pick up a fic, what makes it sound interesting? if the description grabs me
  16. Name a fic that made you cry (or that made you come close). the sequel to tell me i'm a bad man GOD NEVER AGAIN
  17. Name a fic that made you laugh a lot. um probably one of the marvel ones that was like 7 minutes in heaven
  18. Do you have a fic recommendation page or master list? nope
  19. How many fics do you think you’ve read before? so many i can't tell you 
  20. What’s the weirdest fic you’ve ever read? Describe it. if i can remember, i'll answer this question
  21. Do you read crack!fic? no
  22. Name a few of your favorite crack!fics. don't read it lol 
  23. Has fluff ever made you cry? What about angst? yes if it was super cute, and yes for angst
  24. What’s the longest fic you’ve ever read? probably a 50 some once upon a time fic 
  25. What’s your opinion on reading dubious consent or no consent? apparently i have no opinion 
  26. Name a type of fic you’ll never ever read. ones where the characters are like animals, no thanks
  27. Name a type of fic that you wish there was more of. types of fics with ships that aren't popular and like if i like that ship i want to read some, i generally don't want to write them though XD 
  28. Who are your favorite fanfiction author(s)? there's one on that writes good once upon a time fics that i like a lot and one that writes good frerard fics lol 
  29. When you find an author you like, do you follow them? yes
  30. How often do you read fanfiction? haven't recently, but when i get into it, a lot
  31. Do people know that you read fanfiction? i mean it's not a secret lots of people do 
  32. Do you leave reviews after reading fics? If so, what do they sound like? sometimes if i really like it, generally no
  33. When you read a good fic, do you go to the author’s page? yes
  34. Name a common type of fic that you cannot stand. crossovers that are impossible i guess
  35. Name all the Work in Progress fics that you are currently reading. jesus i don't know, like i don't keep track 
  36. Has a fic ever left you unable to fall asleep or think about anything else? YES 
  37. Are you good about keeping up when reading Work in Progresses? when i had my email password yeah 
  38. Name some of your favorite fic recommendations pages. i don't think i have any
  39. Name a fanfiction author that you’re scared to talk to because they’re so amazing. i don't have that, i'll talk to them if i like them 
  40. Have you ever written fanfiction or considered it? i have written it but never finish them 
  41. Name a fic that has a perfect ending. sing me to sleep 
  42. Name a fic that you wish was longer. i have no idea
  43. Do you read OT3 fics commonly? Have you ever? no i can't i have
  44. Do you mainly read TV shows, movies, or books? all three
  45. Do you read fanfiction about Anime? not really
  46. If you could imagine the perfect fic, what would it be like? one where there was the perfect amount of sad, happy...but with a good ending that won't break your heart
  47. If you had to introduce someone to fanfiction with a few fics, which would you suggest? i don't think anyone wants my suggestions tbh haha
  48. Have you ever read a fic containing character death? yeah 
  49. Do you have an AO3/ page? Link it. i do, but there's nothing on them so no link
  50. What sites do you typically use to read on? AO3,, and wattpad 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States <--- tumblr

Hello fine people who visit this page! I want to say, thank you for coming to look at my art! It's seriously appricated!! :heart:
I draw a good amount of anime art and also some book fan art and television and movie fan art also.
I do have a few of my own stories and such in the process of actually becoming a story and all..if any of them become totally awesome I will put them up.
Anyways, I would put up a life story and all but I'm not going to..all you need to know about me is I should probably be doing homework right now.

"Dobby didn't mean to kill! Just maim or seriously injure..."
"Don't look at me Bill! I'm hideous!"
"How do you feel George?"
"Saint-like.., you know..Holey?"
"Dumbledore, is this real or all in my head?" "Of course it's in your head! It doesn't mean it's not real though"

"Besides, the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

Before Harry, the Twins had found the Mirror of Erised. When they looked in it, they didn’t see anything except themselves, so they just thought it was a mirror. When George found it after the war, he looked in it again, expecting to see himself. While he was gaunt and underfed, the man in the mirror wasn’t. Then, his reflection looked towards the frame, and an identical man joined the man in the mirror. George saw his brother for the first time since his death, and he broke down. -G&FA

‎'Your sons flew that car to Harry's house and back last night!' shouted Mrs Weasley. 'What have you got to say about that, eh?'
'Did you really?' said Mr Weasley eagerly. 'Did it go all right? I—I mean,' he faltered, 'that—that was very wrong, boys – very wrong indeed …'

"That's the thing about Hogwarts. No matter how long you're away from it, there's always a way back."-Harry (AVPS)

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." -JK Rowling.

" kinda smells like chili in here.."
"No, idiot! It's the smell of death!!"

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